Monday, January 9, 2012

1-7-12 Cousins and American Girl Dolls

After dance today I picked up Jaedyn and Mya to bring them to Mema's house to play.  Jaedyn and Mya got an American Girl doll for Christmas and Summer has had her for a few months.  The girls always make sure that when they see each other that they bring their dolls so they can play with them.  Summer and Jaedyn played with the dolls for quite awhile.  Mema even asked if she could call Kael and tell him they were all there and Jaedyn said not for a few hours were playing dolls.  They played very nice and even shared the doll clothes with each other.

 Summer busy dressing her doll!

Jaedyn wanted no part of the pictures.  She kept telling me to get out!

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  1. So sweet! They will cherish these pictures later on!