Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today I'm at work and here my text message sound goes off on my phone, I look and it's Shelby telling me that Summer was able to do 10 minutes on the elliptical. Yesterday she was telling her daddy how much longer she could go then me. So today after work I came home ate supper and decided it was time to get on the elliptical. My little cheerleader (Summer), came in to watch and I just had to show her that I could make it 10 minutes also. She kept saying how much longer mom, are you going to make it. She is such a funny little girl.

Then I have decided it would be good to take a cool down walk afterwards and have been walking up our dirt road. Today she went with me and we got to have a little girl time together. On the way Summer showed me up and jogged the whole way. Until, we get to the top of the hill and a see a SKUNK!!!! I yelled for her to not move any further as the skunk had his tail up as if it was going to spray. I kept watch and had her run down the hill to me. Luckily we didn't get sprayed. The rest of the way home we just talked and visited about lots of different things and she asked if she could walk with me every night. Of course she can. It was something that we can do together to have some girl time.

After our walk, we came back in and make a fruit smoothie. Banana (too much), peach, pineapple, apple, and apple juice. It was pretty good, but it could have used a little ice to make it colder or something.

We are trying to be healthy around here and with the motivation of my little princess I think we can keep up the good work!!! I even had the energy left to do the dishes. I'm feeling good so far!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gotta get in shape!

Lately all I have been thinking about is getting an elliptical. I want to exercise but I am somewhat limited as to what exercise I can do. I wanted to be a runner but after 2 failed attempts of couch to 5k, I have found I must find a different means of exercise. It's not that I failed because I quit trying, no its because 2 times I have fracture my knee/leg in the same spot. You see I'm only 31 and have osteoporosis. I took meds for a year and thought my bones would be back to normal so I tried running again. Well not the best idea I ever had. Fracture that same knee/leg in the same spot. The Dr. told me I should never run again, unless being chased. He told me that swimming, walking and elliptical would be a good way for me to get exercise.

I have been looking at this one the past couple of months

So last night my wonderful husband took me to Enid to purchase it and then spent the whole evening putting it together for me. He sure does spoil me.

So tonight when I got home from work, I used it for the very 1st time. I was only able to go about 7 minutes, but I'm sure I'll be able to gradually work up my time. Afterwards, I felt like I needed to do a little more so I walked about 1/2 mile. I turned around because I live in the middle of no where and I saw a truck sitting at the corner and got scared. lol

Now I think I will make a smart choice on my dinner and and eat a weight watchers meal.

Baby steps!!!!